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Why I Pursue Nature Photography?

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Hello World!

This is the debut post of my blog, and I consider it as the best place to share my philosophy behind creating Lensdepictions:

Depiction is- meaning conveyed through pictures. And when these depictions come from a photographer’s lens, they are lensdepictions!

The beauty of photography as an art is, every depiction is different from the last one on the subject. There is always another perception, another perspective and another vantage point to capture that split second moment, and make sure it doesn’t pass by, becoming invisible forever…

The ultimate quest of a photographer, thus, is to depict that particular meaning, idea or soul of the subject which otherwise would have been remained elusive & undiscovered!

At lensdepictions, this quest is on…

There are two very simple pleasures that I derive from pursuing photography:

One, and the important one – I can always see much more through the view-finder of my camera than I could have ever seen with my bare eyes…It’s very simple, I can “see” those hidden treasures with the camera which my eyes could have only “looked” at!

Another, and the more important one – Photography lets me live some very special moments in nature, a little longer. The images I have created never cease to let me re-live that precious moment, in fact, extend it a little longer…

For example, every time I look at this,

Gyaneshwari Dave Photography

…I can again breathe in the air of that sepia-toned gorgeous hilly landscape of Larnaca, Cyprus.

Every time I look at this,

…I can relive that incredible moment of connection with that goofy monkey, that decided to show me his tongue in the hills of Maharashtra, India.

Every time I look at this,

…I can feel that absolute awe a little longer, when one afternoon I had spotted this tree standing in the middle of barren land, laden with gorgeous-looking pink flowers but with no leaves at all…only branches and flowers!! Actually, it was so awesome, I had actually trespassed in someone’s agricultural land on the side of a national highway that day…just to get closer to that tree…

Every time I look at this,

…I can celebrate that small victory a little longer, when after so many attempts I had finally shot that Shikra hiding quietly inside an Ashoka tree, who was thinking that I will never be able to capture him in my camera…

Every time I look at this,

 …I can feel that price-less sense of being nothing, a little longer, when I had observed the mighty sun sinking in the endless horizon at the end of the ocean…

The above photos were taken with a low-quality phone camera or a cheap point-and-shoot camera at the best. And still, they make some precious pages of my visual journaling and provide an invaluable resource to draw from, when I write or illustrate nature. And of course, they help me go back in time, and let me re-experience Sentiments like…feeling humble, feeling in love, feeling in awe, feeling in harmony with nature, feeling & sensing the creations of the almighty. Aren’t all these sentiments make the essential parts of feeling alive? Nature photography constantly helps me feel alive! :)


P.S: Lensdepictions has been rebranded to Pineconedream since April 2018

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