Agony and Ecstasy of Being a Photographer!

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You know you are a “Serious Photographer” when:

  1. You have deleted a far larger number of images from your camera than you have kept in your hard-drive!
  1. Hard-drive reminds me this one too; you have back-up of back-up of back-up!
  1. After every visit to some tourist attraction or famous place you have hundreds of images in your high-resolution camera but only one or two, sometimes even zero image of yourself.
  1. People have not seen your face since months even if you have shared hundreds of photographs on internet.
  1. You always need “one more” lens…
  1. People who are traveling with you are afraid of “getting late” all the time!
  1. People can spot you stopping, climbing, crawling, bending all of a sudden, in the moments no one can expect!
  1. When you are looking at some spot from some distance, you don’t gauge the distance by miles or meters, you calculate it in terms of “mm” (Focal length of the lens is measured by mm)…
  1. When watching a movie, instead of trying to figure out the plot, you are busy figuring out the lighting in all the frames!
  1. Every beautiful thing you look at is a photograph for you. Whether you click it or not.
  1. You have your own list of must visit spots at famous destinations and the ones figuring on travel brochures are almost never in there!
  1. You are never happy with your own pictures because YOU could not take it.
  1. You keep taking self-portraits using tripod (Like the one with this post!)
  1. You have arguments with the Sun!
  1. Every sunny day is nothing but an over-exposure for you!
  1. You always travel with 2-3 pairs of clothes less than the minimum requirement, because you want to accommodate your camera, lenses, tripod…
  1. You cannot tolerate when someone tries to capture a good scene with his/her cell phone camera (How could he/she waste such good frame…!)
  1. You start editing out the unwanted cables from a scene even before you take the photograph of that scene…
  1. At every birthday-party, wedding, anniversary etc. you arrive minus your beloved camera and people regret it big time. However, you don’t have a shred of regret on your face!
  1. You struggle with your camera every time people want to use it themselves, because you don’t remember where the “Auto mode” of your camera is…
  1. You feel panicked when someone give you a point and shoot camera and you are not able to control practically “everything” because the poor compact camera can’t let you do that…
  1. You have consumed and thrown away an insane number of batteries (The rechargeable ones those are…)
  1. You no more care being left behind by your friends when you are taking photographs even at the weirdest of places.
  1. You are constantly searching for the lens-cap…
  1. You are the unpaid brand-ambassador of Canon or Nikon (Or whatever be the case!) :)

Disclaimer: This one is loosely based on my observations of what others observe about me. Fellow photographers may find resemblance with their own experiences.

Image & Article Copyright © 2011 Gyaneshwari Dave


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