When You Cross My Path – A Poem

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It was the first time ever; you were introduced to me by an out-lander!

And your familiar form appeared to me as if little unknown…

…It is so painful, I may not bear,

Dear home, please, don’t look to me, so much like a stranger!


I thought I had left you behind, crossed the shore

But you told me, that you had not;

More than ever now, you are precious to me, even more!


I did not know how sweet your taste was,

about your aroma, much, I did not care,

Now I know all this, as I find myself searching for you everywhere!


When I got from you, the very first post,

I jumped with joy glancing at the monthly inside,

But for some reason, I kept glancing at the cover stamp the most!


When you cross my path, quietly enough;

You leave a tear in my eye,

no matter how I am tough…

Images and Poem Copyrights © 2011 Gyaneshwari Dave

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