The Inexplicable Joy of Photographing Fences

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Have you ever stopped by a beautiful fence just to have a glance at what is beyond it? Or ever stood by a fence, just like that, silently resting your hands on it? If yes, then, more probably than not, you had felt something special there.

Fences, when coupled with natural settings are one of my most favorite subjects for photography.

There’s only one thing I never did and wish I had done:

climbed over a fence.

-Queen Mary Of Great Britain


Fences or railings are simply barricades made out of wooden or iron bars or metal wires. But beyond this practical significance, these inanimate things can evoke a thousand different emotions in our hearts, depending upon what set up they are situated in.


Sometimes they look romantic, sometimes they feel nostalgic, sometimes, even enigmatic!

Often, for some strange and unknown reason, they take us to our past, to our childhood. At times, they look so incredibly surreal, they remind us of some long-forgotten fairy-tale…


I have often come across fences and have seen and felt, philosophical, and sometimes even spiritual characteristics in them.

Especially, in the middle of natural landscapes, fences enhance the beauty of every element of nature it gets associated with, be it flowers, plants, farm, crops, birds, animals or just plain walkways!


Fences also give you a wise message of keeping your trail on. The way they are curved, when we walk along these fences we lead our path exactly the same way, following it on each twist and turn!


The beauty about fences is that, even though they define “boundary” of a particular space, they make the place all the more inviting anyway!

Those beautiful, soft, see-through wooden fences actually make you ponder. They convey one important omen to the human-kind, that – Boundaries may be necessary for the ease of understanding one’s “field” or for the logical division of “areas”, but they should not be as solid as “walls”, there should always be some transparency, some “breathing space”, some room to peep into  “somebody else…



Next to these gorgeous fences photographing them, I felt like I was part of some story, some very intriguing story…and every photograph I captured seemed like a memorable frame of some scene from that story as it unfolded gracefully, slowly…

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Images & Article Copyright ©2012 Gyaneshwari Dave

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