The Lens Project – Fun Still Life Photos of a Lens!

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Below is my favorite and immediate answer to one of the two ubiquitous questions that keep coming my way- “Which lens should I buy?” (The other one of course being- “which camera should I buy?”)

“Which lens to use is first an emotional decision and then, it is a technical one…”

Of course, in the above context, when I say emotional, I largely mean – that the type of lens you will need depends upon what objects you love to shoot, what things you are most emotional about – Wildlife, landscapes, streets, insects, faces…?

But then sometimes, one starts falling in love with the medium itself. And, more often than not… it is the lens !

Well, it happens to almost every photographer…

The Love, and the Obsession… for the lens!

The Honey-bee loves the lens as much as it loves the flower!


A lens cap OR a Marie biscuit?


Who knows, a lens may pop out from one of those Russian Dolls one day!


All lenses “heart” the light…The lens Hood proves it!


Most forgotten, most misplaced objects need the memo-holder most!


When photography is a morning drink!


Fantasizing perfect Valentine’s Day gifts: A cute stuffed baby elephant & A brand new lens!


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