6 Uses of Your Smartphone Camera You never thought of!

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I don’t advocate the use of Cell phone cameras for serious photography. But there is one clearly unique advantage of Cell phone cameras over dedicated cameras that nobody can deny.



Generally, people make only one use of this special advantage. That is – To take candid shots of people and places. No doubt that this is a very good use, given the ever increasing quality of cell phone cameras.

But practically speaking, a cell phone camera can prove to be a much more useful device if one thinks of some constructive ways of using it!

Here are few clever ways to take full advantage of your cell phone camera you probably never thought of!

1.Never forget where you parked your vehicle!

Well, this happens to all of us, all the time. We park our car/bike in the parking lot or somewhere on the road-side and just leave.


After 2-3 hours when that movie, dinner or shopping gets over…we have forgotten where the vehicle was parked!

Actually all you need to do is, just click a quick snap of the vehicle with the surroundings (including shops, pillars, special signs, or other landmark). When you come back to take your vehicle back, just have a look at that picture and you will locate your vehicle in almost one third of the usual time!!!

2.Check how you look!

You are going for that important interview, meeting or may be a date…but you are not sure how are you looking at that point of time in the day…You don’t have a mirror, there is not one around either…well, sometimes even the elevator you are using may not have one too…


In this crisis situation, instead of trying to see your blurry self in some reflective surface, just take a pic of yourself with your cell phone camera, and you will have a very nice instant close-up for yourself to check out how you look!

3.Purchase exactly what you liked!

Do you remember the exact name/brand logo/packaging of that new yogurt/noodles/cookies/chips/juice/some other thing that you discovered accidentally last month??


In this era of shopping malls and globalization we are flooded with infinite options of all this foods and fast moving items. We buy new things to experiment, consume them and also, actually like the new discovery too, but then we just forget what it was.

Reason being – may be things written were in foreign language, or simply, the sheer number of varieties we are bombarded with in the malls. When after days, or even months, we want to make a repeat purchase of that item we find ourselves nothing but lost.

Next time you like something very much, just click and keep a simple image of the item/package in your cell phone camera…

4.Never get lost in unfamiliar places!

This one is extremely useful for the directionally challenged…Sometimes, when we visit a totally new place for the first time, we ask local people for directions, see maps, remember landmarks and actually find the destination successfully…BUT, when it comes to returning back, we have forgotten everything!


What you can do is, just take a lot of snaps of various landmarks, turns and directions as you move forward towards the destination. On the way back, you can verify each step of the correct route by looking into the snaps in your own cell phone! In fact, you will feel safer than ever!!

Not only this, next time you visit that place, even after a long time, you have your own visual guide (set of those images) to help you reach the destination faster than ever!!!

5.Get an instant copy of important information!

More often than not, when we come across some important written material (be it some ad, notice, contact details, signboard, map, news or some official document) either we try to memorize it or try to get it photocopied or scanned…most of the time, these things are not feasible on the spot. Why not take out that cell phone and take a quick snap-shot?


6.Don’t lose your reminder notes!

This is particularly useful for those who still use this (traditional) way of writing everything on small reminder/memo pads sticked on places like fridge doors or above the desk.


What happens most of the times is, we keep noting down our lists very carefully on this small chits of papers. Then when we actually set out for implementing that list/shopping, we simply misplace or lose that piece of paper somewhere.

Next time, after you have completed writing the list, just take a nice snap of that paper note before you head out!

Article © 2012 Gyaneshwari Dave  

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