Announcing Stock Vector Illustrations!

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2018 Update: The Stock Illustrations are no longer available.
Explore illustrated Surface Patterns here!

I was long waiting for this post.

The post to announce a brand new gallery! Here I open a new line of stock images on the website, and that is,

Royalty Free Stock Vectors!


For a creative professional each of his/her works is important, but this one is very special for me indeed. Partly because it is a creative extension for me and partly because it expands the product base of my creative brand, making it all the more versatile as a stock images website.

Starting with storybooks with big fonts and cute cartoon illustrations as a kid, to the sketches in science journals as a student, to this amusing illustration of a cow on the yogurt packaging that I bought yesterday… personally, I have always drawn to pictures, drawings, diagrams, basically all type of illustrations or “graphical depictions of subjects” in other words.

These days we see them almost everywhere, in all types of consumer spaces – Websites, blogs, web and mobile applications, games, product packaging, books, brochures, annual reports, greetings, banners, posters…The list is limited only by one’s imagination.


In my opinion, stock illustrations and vector-art rule the marketing and publication space almost as strongly as stock photographs. In my observation these are the strategic reasons:

  • Stock illustrations often convey character and personality, sometimes even more than an average quality stock photograph; however, this is mostly true for custom made designs.
  • Many people fear that illustrations appear childish, but actually, it can actually look creative, stylish and absolutely professional when used in a correct way.
  • The style and color combinations used in a given piece of illustration can help people make associations and connect with your brand in a unique way.
  • Clip-art can inject humor in designs.
  • There are certain situations where the message to be conveyed is so generic, that it is not suitable to use a photograph, in those situations illustrations can work wonders.


As of now, lensdepictions’ Stock Illustration collection has just started to build up and thus the range of illustrations offered is quite humble. But, if you are a designer, I would like you to know that the current stock is aimed at being especially useful for you. The reasons are:

  • All Illustrations are vectors, useful as independent elements in designs.
  • These “design element” type of illustrations are all isolated on white background.
  • Lensdepictions provides you the PNG versions – making your life easier as you can move it from one design background to another, without any worry.
  • Lensdepictions also provides you the EPS versions – giving you total freedom to modify them and scale them to any size without any loss of resolution.
  • There are no subscription plans or any restrictions of minimum purchase, you can buy only what you need and when you need!

To know more, go here.

And finally, don’t forget to check out the brand new gallery!

Update in 2018: The Stock Illustrations are no longer available.

Explore illustrated Surface Patterns here!

  Article & Illustrations © 2013 Gyaneshwari Dave

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