Team T-shirt Logo Design for Amdocs Ltd, Cyprus

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Apart from Illustrations/Vectors, occasionally, I also enjoy taking up Logo designs, Web graphics, Marketing graphics and other such graphic designing projects.

Recently I supplied a logo design (required to feature on the team T-shirt) to a team of software professionals at Amdocs Ltd, Cyprus. And I am so happy to share here, that my design was selected from a bunch of logo designs received for the same.

Since the graphic was to be stitched on the fabric of the T-shirt and not simply printed, the design had to stay basic – with minimum details of shapes and colors. They loved it and went ahead with ordering the T-shirts stitched with my design! Thank you Amdocs Ltd! :)

The Logo Design 


Amdocs CRM team of Cyprus wearing the new T-shirts


T-shirt with the logo stitched


Closer look at the stitching


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