Street Photography: the Power of Suggestion, 5 examples!

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I believe that photographs should tell stories.

They should evoke some kind of emotion in the viewer. That emotion can be of awe, surprise, anger, pity, happiness, love or any other…

When you are out there traveling, street photography comes handy to help you record (and thereby recall later) your own emotional experiences and then of course share them with others.

And one of my favorite styles to do this is by framing my images in a “not so obvious” manner. I try and exclude some contexts from the frame, hiding them on purpose. And let the less obvious or unexpected subjects/objects do the talking.  To me, what make a photograph interesting is the subtle hints and suggestions hidden within the frame …

I just touched you!!!


I saw this beautiful sight at a zoo in Berlin. This giant hippo was immersed deep in the water, inside a huge, transparent water tank. And the little girl was touching nothing but the surface of the glass wall of the tank, standing safely at the other side.

But by omitting the rest of scene and the ground from my frame, I attempted to create a mysterious, fanciful, yet adorable composition.

Also what is special in this photograph is the warm and innocent moment of connection between the little girl and the beast.

In the capital of Art & Fashion


I took this photo in Paris. Here, the lady is bending down to adjust her shoe as her loose hair comes in front of her face and hide it. The background consists of colorful paintings by local artists of the city.

To me, this image conveys the flavor of Paris in two different ways– One, the street scenes depicted in the paintings which give a glance into the city as well as the strong presence of art in its life. And two- the carefree and fashionable attitude of the young woman.

The tall & short of it!


It took you hardly a second to know that it is the Eiffel tower of Paris. Right?

Almost all photographs of Eiffel tower show it from far away and more often than not, show the upper/top part of it. My idea was to get up close and personal and show what really goes on beneath it…

Also, what made me click this image at this particular moment was this short, small scooter providing a stark contrast against the height of the tower. The scooter, rode by a relatively bigger sized man, looks so tiny in front of well , the Eiffel tower – standing tall in the background, flaunting its height … even when it is not visible in the frame. Well, this is what I call, power of suggestion! 

One fine evening, by the side of the road…


This one happened when I was roaming on one of the most happening and crowded streets of Frankfurt.

The puppy and its owner were in quite a relaxed mood. And I wanted to capture that mood. My subject was not the Dog, it was the mood.

The posture of the woman’s slender legs, the puppy standing peacefully behind, and the graphical background created by the rough tiles of the footpath, made a perfect frame for me.

Mummy & Me!


Probably, this would me one my most favorite of the wildlife photos I have created. For one, Elephants are my favorite, and particularly the little ones! :)

At zoo Berlin, I observed this pair of mother and baby walking together. What caught my attention was the intermingling of the big and the little pairs of their legs.

I released the shutter when the baby elephant became nicely visible right under/behind the mother with its front legs separate in walking motion. I left the face and the upper part of body of the mother out of the frame, except her legs which were nicely framing her baby…

Images & Article ©2013 Gyaneshwari Dave  


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