Street Photography – 5 Ideas To Take Memorable Travel Pics!

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Street photography assumes a special significance when you are traveling.

Generally your trip album consists of pictures depicting famous landmarks of the cities you visited…and that is how you recollect the memories of those cities. But often ignored are the streets and everyday life there… Sometimes simply recalling yourself walking on those streets can bring back a lot of special memories of your experiences and feelings while you were there…

Here are my five ideas on what type of photographs can help you fondly remember the city long after your visit…

1) Souvenirs!


It is impractical to buy every souvenir you see…But generally, nobody can stop you from photographing them!

I saw this bunch of Eiffel tower key-chains in a shop in Paris…So many Eiffel towers and the colors of the French flag in them…this image helps me relive the Eiffel tower euphoria once again and transports me back to my that day in Paris.

2) Restaurant sign boards!

Be on a look out for interesting restaurant sign boards hanging on the streets, and it is even better if they suggest the name of the city…


3) Vehicles!

It is one thing to look at a photograph of a stylish road and it is another, when you are also able tell which world-class city that road belongs to…The vehicles like the yellow truck in this image – suggesting that it is Berlin, makes your travel photographs a lot more thrilling to look at, when you browse through them some years down the line!


4) Special events!

When you spot something very specific to the city, don’t miss to photograph it!

Paris is synonymous with fashion and modeling. I was fortunate enough to spot this photo-shoot going on right in the middle of a busy road.


5) Everyday life


While photographing during trips, often we underestimate the value of everyday life that we have observed in the new places we visit…However, they make some great subjects for photography and help you remember the new and educative things about that city, long after your visit…


Images & Article © 2013 Gyaneshwari Dave

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