A Place, Some Pictures & a Poem

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Some places carry a very unique, philosophical vibe about them. Omodos, a village situated in the lap of Troodos Mountains in Cyprus, was one such place.

As I walked through some old, cozy streets of that Cypriot village, I got confused – whether to take out my camera…or a pen and paper!

I decided to create some images first and held my thoughts until I penned down this little poem, titled- “Left long ago!”



Once upon a time, there was an ancient city,

Tribes abandoned that place, quiet and pretty.


A little girl reached there one day, someone to meet,

She started walking, in a long, narrow, silent street…



There were lots of homes, lots of doors, also, lots of locks!

How could she see anyone…there were no folks!


 Every door she saw,

And every gate,

Had the same, a closed fate…


Then she reached the end of the lane,

and found a worn-out door with an old lock,

free, and hanging on a rusty iron chain.


With a faded smile and tired feet,

She stared at the lock…

Alas! It was opened a long-long ago,

and…there was no one to greet!

Note: The situation and story of the poem is only my imagination. Omodos village is not abandoned, people live there and hundreds of tourists visit the village everyday.

Images & Poem Copyrights © 2013 Gyaneshwari Dave

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