On The Forest Trail – A Quilted Landscape!

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This one started with these cute little dolls! I bought them from a Mexican Exhibition in San Antonio, TX. They are made by poor folk artists based in Guatemala.


I decided to make a quilted landscape/ fabric stitched collage and place these dolls there somewhere in the scene.

After toying with few ideas for the scene, I zeroed in on my favorite.

A forest trail! 🙂

The girl is carrying a basket for nothing but collecting the wildflowers in the trail… 😛

After drawing it on a paper and color coding various parts, I got on with cutting and stitching various fabrics that suited the requirement of the landscape… 🙂





I used these cute wooden buttons for highlighting some wildflowers in the foreground…


And finally I placed the dolls on the trail in the finished collage and framed it… 🙂



Art & Images Copyright ©2016 Gyaneshwari Dave

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