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Lensdepictions Images Exhibited on Curation boards!

Any art form, is all about telling something without actually telling it.

And so, for an artist, one of the most fulfilling times is when someone is able to identify her vision behind her creation just by looking at it.

It’s not just about getting liked. It’s about getting understood. Because that, happens rarely.

This process is really subtle and delicate. You create something and then you wait quietly for someone to understand it without you ever explaining it.

And whenever that happens, it’s sheer joy!

Better yet, it becomes a million times more gratifying, as well as humbling, when people appreciating your work are complete strangers.

For an owner of a stock images website, it is not unfamiliar for me to have people unknown to me like my vectors and photographs and purchase them for their different professional and/or personal needs. Sometimes I dont even know where exactly my images are getting used/displayed since not all of them are used on the web. Anyhow, those images are not the subject of this post.

Actually, thanks to the capabilities of the internet, some special instances have come to my notice where some like-minded people have showcased my vector arts and photography (with full credits and/or watermark on the images) on their various conceptual boards/blogs online.

I thank them all, and all of those too, whom I might not be able to mention and/or track! :)

My photograph of Wooden Benches in Limassol, Cyprus is curated by Angela Krass in her curation board – Pattern Play.


My photograph of Alapi Kerala, India, is curated by Rajeesh Raghwan in his blog about Kerala backwaters.


My Vector Illustration of Autumn Leaves Blowing is curated by Autumn Guin in the concept board – Pollinators Curriculum.


My photograph The Green Window in Troodos Cyprus is curated by Caitlyin Edwards. in the Lattice board – Green.


My photograph of  this Rustic Fence is added by Susan Fillips to her collection of Country Fences on Pinterest.


My photograph of a Western Ghat Landscape in India, is curated by Pravin Aswale in his board – Indian Landscapes.


My vector art of a Beautiful Face is curated by Garfield in the Pinterest board about Fashion Art.


My photograph of Grapes & Wine Glass is curated by Douglas Page on the Lattice board – Wine.


My Vector art of Hands is curated by Stacey Reynolds on the board called – Hands.


My vector art of a Dotted Butterfly is curated by Iris Kremser in her Pinterest board about Buttflies.


My photograph of  this Worn Out Door in a small village of Cyprus, is added by Alicia Springgate to her collection of Art.


This listing is as of today, and by no means an exhaustive one because it is decided by the limited ability to track back the images.

Subscribers & Likers  of my galleries can surely look forward to seeing it grow… :)

P.S: Lensdepictions has been re-branded as Pinecone Dream now!

Article & Images Copyrights © 2016 Gyaneshwari Dave

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