Illustrated Surface Patterns for the Indian Independence Day

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As the 15th of August approaches, India braces itself to celebrate the 70th Independence Day.

It’s time for patriotic celebrations, programs, announcements and festivities at big or small levels everywhere in India. Whether you are a business owner, marketing professional, media person, graphic designer, or even a student, your current projects revolve around the theme of the Independence Day!

In the sea of cliched and same old stock vectors & graphics depicting Indian flag, Lensdepictions has always tried to offer Vector illustrations that are refreshingly original and imaginative.

By trying to create illustrations that are rather conceptual & thought provoking than being just the obvious, I have tried to look at the Indian flag colors with a new perspective every time.

Following are some mint fresh seamless pattern vectors with the Indian flag colors theme for this year.

A seamless pattern is a pattern that can be placed side-by-side with itself without creating a noticeable boundary between two copies of the pattern.

They are widely used in Textiles, Stationary, Print publishing, Media and much more…

Note: All Vectors are available in Illustrator 10 EPS format or higher – Infinitely scalable & absolutely editable!

1) The Free Falling Tulips!


2) Kites In The Sky!


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Vector Art © 2016 Gyaneshwari Dave

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