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Seamless Surface Patterns With Bunnies!

When you are fortunate enough to be living at a place where woods are pretty much inter-mingled with residential neighborhoods, you keep getting the sightings of cute things in nature.

In my case, rabbits, deer, pine cones, autumn berries and mushrooms are some of those charming things. :)

Few days back, such a chance sighting of rabbits inspired me to create this seamless surface pattern with rabbits in woods.

Stock vector seamless pattern with cute bunnies roaming around forest trees!

To me, designing repeat/seamless patterns is like creating puzzle pieces in my mind (when thinking about the design elements of the pattern) and then playing with the very same (while arranging them in the tile)!

The challenge of achieving the rhythm in laying out that perfectly seamless pattern in the end is a joy comparable to meditation.. :)

And the experience of creating this set of patterns was no different either…


After sketching out four different rabbits with different poses and some simple forest trees, I created the woodland inspired patterns: One on white – simple and uncrowded, and the other with sky blue background and bigger size elements…

Stock vector seamless pattern with cute bunnies, grass blades and meadow trees.


And then after, using the same set of rabbits, I designed this fun, whimsical sort of pattern with blue rabbits and blue carrots! This is how a single tile looks…

Seamless pattern tile vector with bunnies and carrots.

Stock vector seamless pattern with cute blue bunnies and carrots.

This is how it looks as a repeated pattern…

Here is the gift-wrap made out of one of the patterns… :)


Photographs & Vector Art © 2016 Gyaneshwari Dave

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