Amrita Sen Agenda Book – A Review

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With the year nearing the end, it’s time to go shopping for some office stationery.

A planner/agenda book always tops my list and excites me greatly…

This time around, I chose one from the collection of  Amrita Sen, an artist par excellence. The agenda book has captured my imagination ever since.


As per my personal taste, I prefer soft color palette, subtle, pastel tones, and lightly done prints for my stationery, home décor fabrics, and everything else that I am supposed to lay my eyes on, on a daily basis.

And so, while shopping for the agenda book at Barnes & Noble, when I saw the cover of this agenda book for the first time, I found the cover print rather uninteresting, so, I quickly shifted my attention to the other planners lying on the shelf there…

…neverthless, an Indian name urged me to go back to it and look inside, at least once.

Well, when I opened it, my mind was blown.


It was not just the efficient layout of monthly grids and weekly planner pages with perfect space for scheduling projects and works (in just the way I wanted), but also, there was this tremendous aesthetic appeal!

As I quickly shuffled through the pages, I was stunned and at the same time extremely surprised at the instant liking I took to the crowded prints and almost loud bursts of several colors at a time, page by page…!

I started using the agenda since early November this year.

But, every morning as I go back to my desk and take this beautiful planner in my hands I ask one question to myself: Exactly what is that one precise reason I have fallen in love with it so much…

I want the answer.

I know, there are lessons to be learnt in that.


The artwork used throughout the book, is simply brilliant and effervescent.

Even it is oh so crowded and yet, much surprisingly, it doesn’t look overly done!

Despite of being so vivacious it doesn’t scream for attention. It merely invites.

This delicate balance, is amazing!

It manages to instill life in your heart every time you give it a look, but without cluttering the mind!

With so much to take in visually, theoretically, it should clutter the mind…but, it doesn’t.

It is on the verge of being “in your face” and still has a definite sense of dignified mystery!

The intricate motifs, patterns and design elements!

It brings the book several notches higher in terms of artistic sophistication.

No wonder, God lives in details!🙂


Then there is this beautiful feel of feminism. Be it the elegant illustrations of women, some beautiful and romantic, poetic lines (those words have a clear sense of yearning and yet a sense of completeness that only a woman can hold) at the beginning of every month, or the enthralling use of colors and designs making every single page come to life.

This much richness and depth, I believe, can only be held by a woman, and these many vibrant layers of life, so inspired, can only come from a very passionate place, can only be created by a woman.

In her words, in her art, I sensed a Sufi kind of love, the kind Radha had for Krishna. And I guess that is what puts her work class apart.

Another thing is that, the mood throughout the book, is so uniquely Indian, even antique, and yet it has a global, contemporary appeal.


Well, after pondering over all of this, I would describe my latest work purchase like this:

Thorough. Romantic. Exotic. Passionate. Invigorating.

And for the whole year, as I write in it, this beauty is going to whisper to my heart a little art lesson or two, every single day.

As per the answer to my question…Well, I don’t want it any time soon…I don’t want the whispers to stop!🙂

Thanks Amrita Sen. Kudos!

Photography & Article ©2016 Gyaneshwari Dave

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