A reindeer passing by in snow – Wallpaper For December 2016!

Since it was the month of December that I was designing the wallpapers for, I wanted something happy, cheery and really light hearted.

So I thought of a cute Reindeer of Santa Claus’s,passing by the screen as the December snow falls on its path!

Here is my Reindeer while it was still in the making… :)




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from past months!

Here is a cute hand drawn style seamless vector pattern I made with the same!


P.S: Meanwhile, today I just stumbled upon this very amusing (and absolutely true) news about Domino’s Pizza training Reindeer for Pizza Delivery in extreme cold weather in Japan! :P

All Images & Artwork © 2016 Gyaneshwari Dave

P.S: Something from my exclusive designs for you… :)


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