Celebrating Folk Art of Kenya + Jan 2017 Free Desktop/Mobile Calendar Wallpapers!

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This year I had this great chance of visiting one of the most beautiful cities I have ever been to, the Washington D.C.

Apart from tons of History about the country, the American capital boasts of some excellent national museums of Art.

One of them is of course, the very intriguing, National Museum of African Art!

The art particular to any region or country fascinates me a lot. It so effortlessly speaks volumes of the culture and people of that part of the world…

You can actually learn a great deal about the place by simply observing their art, the materials they use and the sources of their inspiration.

Africa is not considered as one of the most developed continents on the planet. Some countries of Africa are just primitive at the best. And so I was most curious and eager to check out the art from this continent still stuck in old age…

All the artifacts there – the ceramics, multimedia art, fabrics and paintings are so strongly connected to earth and nature. Rustic and tribal as I expected, and yet very beautiful with inspiring details at the same time.

If art museums interests you, and you want to see something other than the European Art or the modern art of the west, I would recommend this museum in DC. It’s a must visit place… :)

I saw these adorable African safari animals carved out of stone, imported from Kenya in the gift shop of the museum.

Handcrafted stone figurines of wild animals in an African art museum.

I took an instant liking to them!

Never envisioned the wildlife from Africa in this Avatar!

I just loved the simplicity of the craft.

Very simply put, to me, these handcrafted animal figurines convey the goodness in human hearts, and, happiness! You cannot look at these heartily handcrafted stone animals without a smile! So I decided to cherish this little known folk art of Africa by designing the first calendar of the year with these adorable animal figurines…


You can download these HD wallpaper for free here & here! :)

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P.S: I made it a point to buy the art for myself too.

Well, this cute fatty Hippo…he works as a paper weight in my work space! :)


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