More than 1.1 K likes & counting- Republic Day Wish for India!

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Without a doubt, this, is my popular post so far (almost gone viral of sorts) on Facebook page of Lensdepictions (now Pineconedream)

And I can safely pronounce so, because, the likes for this one, has outrun the number of my Page Fans, by almost ten times! :)

I designed this modest Republic Day of India wish for and from Lensdepictions and left it floating on the Facebook page for everyone.

It was created with love, it was a truly a heartfelt wish, and I would be honest, secretly…I also wished that it got liked by more and more people, total strangers, but fellow Indians because I wanted that little thought to be conveyed, comprehended, and spread among as many people in India as my humble page can reach…

And it did! Much, much beyond my expectations! :)

Thanks to the classic chain reaction effect of something being liked on Facebook (sometimes called viral effect), it is liked by more than 1100 people as of now, and as a consequence, another 5000 people saw the post on the screens of their laptops, computers, tabs and mobile phones!

I never expected this much from it. Felt truly wonderful.

However, my happiness about this is much beyond my graphic design being liked by more than a thousand people, or the fact that the design spoke to them so much…

Actually, the success of this creation…it just made me a happier Indian.

The cherry on top was the fact that My Republic day wish resonated mostly with youth, particularly young students…it could not have been better! 

If even half of the people who “liked” my wish banner are also touched by it, and inspired by it, I can believe that on the Republic Day of my country, I could manage to do my own small bit about spreading the sense of national pride and love, with the platform I have.

And, in this little achievement, in one way or another, YOU, were a great help!



©2017 Gyaneshwari Dave

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