Feb 2017 Free Desktop/Mobile Calendar Wallpapers, Illustrated – Cute Bees Pattern

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February is the shortest month of the year, and it passes in the anticipation of spring, in anticipation of flowers…And who waits for flowers more than Bees? :)

With this thought in mind, for February 2017, I decided to use one of my seamless pattern designs to make the wallpapers!


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Did you know…It takes bees about 10 million nectar-collecting trips to produce honey enough  to fill a 450 Grams Jar? And they don’t get tired of all those trips, they sometimes fly up to 60 miles in one day!

They really fascinate me. And I enjoy illustrating them in these cute, innocent depictions.

Speaking of that, I find it quite intriguing that why only small children have the eye for the beauty of insects ?

Most people, as they start to “grow up”, they stop taking interest in these tiny but mysterious lives. These bugs are so small and yet they carry a whole world of wonders within themselves, don’t they?

Well, I for one, like these little guys, particularly, the pretty ones!

Below are just few of my bugs inspired personal belongings… :)

Click here to see some of my depictions of insects!

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Have a Fab Feb!

Photographs, Illustration & Design Copyright ©2017 Gyaneshwari Dave

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