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An Excellent Pine Tree – Inspirational Keizan Quote with Picture

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I tore off another page from my desk calendar.

That’s the very first thing I do every morning before I start working at my desk. But while I was doing that this morning, my spirits were rather dull.

With that not so enthusiastic mood, I looked at today’s page.

It read:

Did you know that at the edge of a deep valley, there is an excellent pine tree Growing up straight in spite of the many years of cold?


Now, my beautiful Zen quotes calendar gives me some wise words to read every single day, but today, it actually spoke to me.

It conjured up a particular spot and time in my mind.

It was exactly three years back, I had once photographed a pine tree, standing on the very edge of a valley, on the Troodos mountains of Cyprus.

I vividly remember that chilly evening of February in the year 2014. I had gone as near to the edge as was safely possible, had got down and took this photograph of this unassuming pine tree overlooking that deep and vast valley.

At that point of time, I had thought about the daring, inspiring position of this tree, which was standing there so effortlessly. For around five-seven minutes, I had stood there in awe all of it all, over that edge…

Cut to today morning –

I look at today’s calendar page and…”excellent pine tree”, “at the edge of a deep valley”…”growing up straight in spite of the many years of cold”!!!

It was the exact description of the composition I had created three years back, and the wisdom I had grasped from it, word by word! 

It amazes me…universe has such incredible ways of reminding you of the lessons you have learnt in past.

And when I realized this, my spirits were no more low, I smiled instead, in joy, in disbelief, in wonder.

I have always believed, that when you become silent and observe nature with an open heart, it teaches you the deepest secrets of life in the simplest of manner.

And since it is proven one more time, I designed the quote banner – to celebrate that pine tree standing on the edge of that Troodos valley.

Click here to see this and many more photographs of Cyprus Nature & Landscapes, shot by me.

And lastly, want to see that special calendar page? :)


What is that pine cone doing there – you ask?

Well, I am kind of fascinated with them. Aren’t they pieces of Art?

Every time I visit some place with pine trees, I look at the pine cones scattered on the ground below those trees, I just look for perfectly shaped, intact ones…and always make it a point to bring 1-2 back with me! I often use them to decorate my space!

This one, is one of those…

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