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Compliments from Visual Artist & Musician Amrita Sen

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It always feels great to be appreciated by another creative soul!

But that joy is multiplied by a thousand times when they are acclaimed and multi-talented artists like Amrita Sen!

Amrita Sen is not only a visual artist doing amazing illustration & design work, but she is also an awesome singer & music composer who has performed with the likes of A.R.Rehman & Justine Timberlake as well as on famous American TV shows like The Oprah Winfrey Show, Tonight Show with Jay Leno, to name a few.

Last November, while looking for some office supplies for the New Year at Barnes & Noble, I happened to purchase the Agenda/Planner from Amrita’s “Cosmic And Eternal Love” collection.

When I glanced at her poems & illustrations inside that planner, I felt the artistic passion in them very deeply. Her art spoke right to my heart, and somehow, I could sense a strong emotional connection with her work at a personal level. And thus I ended up creating this post about the same.

It gives me immense gratification to know that my heartfelt opinions & insights into her work could offer Amrita some rare artist’s satisfaction, and most importantly, made her so purely happy about her creative endeavors for the “Cosmic And Eternal Love” collection.

She was sweet enough to mention me on her Facebook pages, she also created and shared a video there – made with my photographs & her beautiful music … :)



As compliments, Amrita sent to me her one of a kind coloring book & some exquisite jewelry from her “Cosmic And Eternal Love” & “Bollydoll” collection.


Amrtia’s coloring book is unique in the way that it’s not just a coloring book…on those pages, she has also narrated a poetic love story inspired by Indian Mythological Characters Radha & Krishna. She has also composed some classy soundtracks to go with the book & its story.

Her illustrations boasts of incredible detail and elegance. I am already using her Agenda for my daily works, and in my post about it, I have described my point of view about her artistic style in detail.

Here are glimpses to some pages of her book:



I would highly recommend this coloring book if you enjoy coloring (and have an inclination for exotic Indian patterns & motifs) & reading meaningful love stories!

The gorgeous jewelry pieces she has gifted to me, is also inspired by her story of “Cosmic And Eternal Love”.


What I liked most about her jewelry design is the beautiful combination of delicate and somewhat esoteric vibes … did you notice those tiny graceful leaves in the layered necklace?

I thank her for all the generosity and love she has shown for me, and wish her the very best for her wonderful journey as an Artist.

Just keep creating Amrita! 

To draw, you must close your eyes and sing.

-Pablo Picasso

Copyright ©2017 Gyaneshwari Dave

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