cherry blossom tree sketch

Beneath A Cherry Blossom Tree! – A Poem & An illustration

Ever since I shot these gorgeous pink cherry blossoms a few days ago, these three colors are stuck in my mind. How soft & elegant they look when placed in one frame!


The Bark. The Blossoms. The Sky.

To give justice to this subtle inspiration coming from nature, I created this line drawing using just these three colors & some rebellious lines…


Enjoy this video of my drawing process I recorded on my ISKN Slate

Here is my initial sketch:


Also, while creating above art, I imagined being under a cherry blossom tree for so long, that this poem too, also kept taking its shape in parallel! :)


This poem is also a part of my published paperback bookA Word With Wilderness: Poems Inspired by American Nature.

Photographs, Art & Poem Copyright ©2017 Gyaneshwari Dave 

P.S: Something from my exclusive designs for you… :)


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