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The aesthetics of a paper dictionary + April 2017 Desktop Calendar Wallpaper for Free Download!

Have you ever loved a dictionary, well, the paper dictionary (a touchable, physical, actual book called dictionary that I am talking about) ?

In today’s smartphone era, a dictionary is just an “App”.

Oh yes, in my phone, I have one too… :)

For most people now, a “Dictionary” is just a word, an almost mythical sort of a book that they hardly come across in their daily realities but they know it does exist…somewhere.

However, history has proven, that the more a thing start to become obsolete, the faster it starts falling in the elite!

Vintage design cars, Gramophone players, Type-writers, Film cameras, even Floppy Disks (yes them too) are some of the classic examples of the things which were merely some objects of everyday use at one time, their ownership was not symbolic of some class, but now they have gained this “artifact”, “collectible” status, possessed only by those considered either scholarly, stylish or, wealthy.

In my opinion physical copies of Dictionaries too, are rapid on their way to achieve this status. Owning them would no longer be a matter of requirement or routine, it will be a matter of pride. That day, should not be far.

When I was a school going girl, I had 2 different dictionaries, one was small and one was quite a thick volume – both were quite old, belonged to my grandfather actually. The bigger one was of course Oxford and the other was a name I don’t remember now. By the time I was attending University, Google had taken over, and even before I realized, I had stopped turning to my dear dictionaries altogether.

This pretty looking mini Oxford dictionary that you see in this picture here, I had bought it few years back, fully knowledgeable about its almost non-existent use. But I had purchased it nevertheless, just because I wanted to own one in my personal collection of books. It was a feel good kind of a thing just to place it among other books…somehow, in my mind, it was making my bookshelf “complete” to my inner intellectual, nostalgic space.


This month, my this little possession became my muse somehow. And I decided to give this much neglected but after all charming book, some justice.

My Monthly Desktop Calendar Wallpaper designs is one of those activities for me where I can play freely with my imagination and can realize the idea with the help of sometimes, Illustration and sometimes, Graphic Designing done over my photographs.

The idea for this month was pretty straight forward – I simply wanted to depict a Dictionary with some panache.

I wanted her to look “relevant” with an immediate sense while looking aesthetically pleasing at the same time. In nutshell, I wanted a Dictionary to strike back on our minds with vengeance, with the one of a kind, understated, cerebral charm that no other book but a dictionary can possess.

And thus, this is what I came up with for Lensdepictions Free Desktop Calendar Wallpaper – April 2017!


Hope you will enjoy it on your screens, and hopefully will also learn some new words by the end of the month! :)

Have an amazing April!



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