Conversing with a Wise Forsythia Tree

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Forsythia_LensdepictionsThe shrub had replied to me –

“I never rushed to become anything that I was not. I chose, just, to be!”

And with that subtle show of enigma it had got me thinking about who it was!

Self-aware about my tendency to get pulled towards the not-so-obvious-looking things of beauty, I was not very much surprised when I was drawn towards this casual bush, grown all by itself in a not so happening spot of the garden.

The garden, where I was supposed to be looking at the beauty of a large collection of carefully cultivated Daffodils.Gibbs_Lensdepictions

Instead, what caught my fancy was this curious odd bush. Buried inside the more wild area of the garden among other weeds, the shrub stood where no-one was looking.

With just a few newly grown tender leaves and these simple shaped bright yellow flowers with four petals, the shrub’s slender, inter-tangled branches were at my eye-level as I stood there staring at the sunshine radiating through those yellow petals.

“Pardon me for this, but, I like how “ordinary” you seem…yet, you are so joyous in your…well…”nothingness”! And it’s your quality of being so “extra”, “ordinary”, that makes you extra-ordinary anyways!” I asked to the shrub, “How did you manage to become so?”

I waited for a while, hoping that the plant had understood the intent behind my question and took no offense!

But, in nature, everything is patient, everything is prudent. And so, after few moments, when the reply came, it came from a much more secure, sensible, and deeper place than I had imagined…

“Your question is wrong! No one can try and “become” ordinary, the moment one tries to do so, they start becoming exactly the opposite!” the shrub continued, “So, you see, I never rushed to “become” anything that I was not, I did not attempt, even at being “ordinary”. I simply chose, TO BE. Whoever I am. However I am. Whatever I am.”

The wisdom touched me instantly…but I felt more puzzled than ever about the identity of the plant…I knew there was more to this shrub than it was willing to share with me…Can there really be anything in nature that is not special? :)

Later on, obviously, I did my little research.

I found out that it was “Forsythia”. A plant named after Scottish botanist William Forsyth, who was the royal head gardener and a founding member of the Royal Horticultural Society. This was an ancient Chinese plant, known for its herbal values and mildly fragrant edible flowers…And those flowers are actually used in a number of recipes and make for beautiful garnish as well!

The simple, understated, but unique beauty of Forsythia inspired me for my June 2017 Calendar…

Wish you a splendid June! :)



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4 Responses

  1. Sheldon Owen

    You are obviously very knowledgeable. I was interested to know how you center yourself and clear your mind prior to writing. Son of a gun, this is so helpful!

    • lensdepictions

      Thank you for the compliment Sheldon!

      I would say, I don’t write about a topic until and unless I feel that I have that one powerful thing to say, which would touch the reader deeply, and hopefully, uniquely. When I write with this goal in mind, my thought process always remains focused & clear.

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