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“He who does not answer the questions has passed the test”- A character from a story written by the 20th Century German Novelist Franz Kafka says.

The exact context of this statement within the story could be more specific to the characters and the situation, but this line holds true for everyone belonging to the human species and might continue to do so, forever.

The one who thinks that they “do not know” is living closer to reality than those who think that they know.

Whenever I hold a simple leaf of any random, ordinary plant from my garden, and then when I look at it carefully and touch it, I feel this “I do not know”, instantly.

That ecstatic sense of wonder is always followed by an overwhelming feeling of not being able to even understand the grand puzzle of existence, let alone having any fragment of its answer.

This happens so often, it’s almost scary to realize that this life time will never suffice.

With infinite variety of creations, this puzzle has zillions and zillions of ways of expressing itself. You have hardly grasped even 1 percent of an expression and you are presented with hundreds of others.

Adding to the challenge is Nature’s obsession of perfection with designs. Have you ever closely observed the cells of a honeycomb? Exquisite shapes of Snowflakes? Motifs on butterflies? Crystal formations inside a cave? Rings of a tree stump? The list is endless.

Pieces of Nature’s enchanting puzzle are as big as clouds, rocks and waves of oceans, and as tiny as the shapes on a butterfly’s wings or that perfect curve of a leaf stalk.


And even inside those small pieces are hidden intricate details of engineering. Those minuscule muscles to gift a butterfly with the ability to do something that a thousand times bigger humans can’t, to fly… and those minutely pattered leaf veins where the ultra-sophisticated process of photosynthesis occurs.

Thousands of years, and we are still just figuring out the “how” about the existence, there is no question of daring to ask “why” or “who” yet…

In my limited experience of life though, I have often noticed one thing about problems, riddles and puzzles. That, the more complicated one is, the simpler its solution tends to be.

When I apply this little theory to this ever evolving puzzle of existence before me, I am inclined to think again and again, that the last piece will be found much nearer than I would have ever imagined.

Or maybe, its with me, all along.



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Nature's grand puzzle

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