You, Little Dandelion! – A Poem + August 2017 Wallpapers

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“I have lost my smile, 
but don’t worry. 
The dandelion has it.”

-Thich Nhat Hanh


Dandelion poem

Nature Poems Free Book


My free desktop calendar wallpaper for this August is dedicated to that little flower friend. That Dandelion. :)

I have used the lemon green of the grass where Dandelions grow, and the soothing light blue of the sky where their seeds float free in the air – to create my artistic rendition of Dandelions, for this month’s somewhat minimalist, centrally aligned design:




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On an aside, did you know, Dandelions, in their life-cycle, are the first bright yellow wildflowers before they take up this fluffy ball- “make a wish look”, that will all love…?

This beautiful time-lapse video shows that fact about Dandelions Life-cycle very well…


Photographs, Art & The Free Verse – “You, Little Dandelion”

Copyright ©2017 Gyaneshwari Dave

(Poem cannot be used anywhere without prior written permission!)


A Dandelion Poem

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