September 2017 Free Desktop Calendar wallpaper

A Sunlit Flower Branch + September 2017 Free Desktop/Mobile Calendar Wallpapers

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I know, you are singing.

As I see the beautiful brass colored light of morning sun falling on that solitary flowery branch, I know, that right now, you are singing.

And all I can do is to listen to this gentle song of yours with utter amazement…

As the rhythmic sun-rays touch the coral glory of those petals, one, by one, I hear the lyrics of your song. Although, very faintly.

Your songs are made with the words my vocabulary have not. Yet, I keep on trying to listen. With silent, constant marvel.

My heart is longing to join this illuminating music of yours, traveling through cosmos, and sky, but I struggle to find any place for my sketchy voice in the grandeur of your dainty song.

Perhaps, for me, it is enough to even know, that right now, you are singing.





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P.S: Talking about the “September song”! :)

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