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The Lost Pair Of Finches : A Tiny Tale Of Love

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He was looking for something since long as I kept on observing.

Moments passed by.

And somehow, those moments felt like eternity.

It might be the same tree where there were branches and leaves in abundance once. And these two.

But the days of autumn had dried out all of that. The tree was reduced to a dead stub. It was still a meeting point. Probably of a different kind.

And again, here they were. These two.

Merely clinging to that stub, he was looking for something since long as I kept on observing.

Moments passed by.

And somehow, those moments felt like eternity.

He just had to rise a little from where he was… and, look back. She was just there.

He could not rise, he could not change his direction. Instead, he flew away. She kept waiting even after he was gone. And after a long wait, she left too.

I, who during that time, was praying constantly for him to change his direction, could do only one thing.

Capture one of those eternal moments, and keep it with me.

It was a breathtaking moment. A moment of being on the edge.

It was a moment of hope. It was a moment of fear. Lastly, it was a moment of destiny.

There came one and knocked at the door of the Beloved.
And a voice answered and said, ‘Who is there?’
The lover replied, ‘It is I.’

‘Go hence.’ returned the voice;
‘There is no room within for you and me.’

Then came the lover a second time and knocked and again the voice demanded,
‘Who is there?’ 
This time the lover answered, ‘It is you.’

‘Enter,’ said the voice.

– Rumi


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