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Just as I was leaving that charming little beach town called Fairhope, something occurred to me and I stopped by this rather unassuming wharf.

A last minute kind of a decision. One of those, that turn out to be so unexpectedly right at times.

As I approached the far end of the wharf, I saw a gorgeous flock of Seagulls. Standing in utter silence. Almost all of them looking in one direction, as if meditating in group.

I was not invited to the gathering, but I was not unwelcome either.


In those blissful moments, I was the only human being on the wharf. Not to scare them away, I sat down on the wooden planks of that rustic pier, just a few meters far from them.

Now, almost everything coincided with my line of sight. Right in front of me stood these gorgeous birds in hundreds…their bright white and silver selves merging gently with the cyan water of the sea…which in turn disappeared effortlessly in the clear, light blue of the morning sky at the horizon.

The tranquility of those seagulls was beyond perfect. Capable of silencing the noisiest of  minds.

Captivated by the sight before me, and filled with that priceless silence borrowed from them, I kept gazing contemplatively.

And the distinctions between the gulls, the sea and the sky, blurred more and more.

And a rare moment came, when I became the Seagulls, the Sea and the Sky, all at once. 



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Article, Photo & Design Copyrights ©2017 by Gyaneshwari Dave

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