December 2017 Desktop/Mobile Calendar Wallpapers – Reach for Your Own Mountain

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Among other things, for me, this year saw the publication of my first ever book.

Following words came to me from one of the kind and lovely readers who congratulated and wished me for the same.

Never stop dreaming, reaching, climbing that mountain…!

I found these seemingly simple words of hers, very profound. She never clarified whether it meant the actual mountains (given the fact that she is aware of my love for mountains), or the metaphorical ones, the “mountains of life”.

In whichever way it was meant, it had me reassured deeply.

This is the best words of wish/advice I have received this year…and so, I decided to share with you and everyone who reads this post or come here looking for the December Calendar Wallpaper.

So, here is wishing you fabulous holidays and new year celebrations!

And to humbly pass on the wisdom – Never ever give up reaching for your mountain!!! 

It is hard to find wildflowers in December, even up there on the hills…but, that should not stop us from looking for them. Should it? :)



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