Your Soul Is Rooting For You : Tale of a Dying Winter Leaf

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One day, a tiny green shoot is seen contrasting with the otherwise brown landscape of a garden, waiting for spring.

It is a fresh, first leaf of the earliest spring bulb, struggling its way out through the soil.

Just emerging from the earth, the tender leaf feels the air for the first time.

This air is permeating sun-rays, but deep within, it is still hiding, somewhat of a cold streak of a past winter…It echoes a strange whisper coming from some place unknown…somewhere far off…

“Your soul, is rooting for you…”

Before the newly born leaf can understand anything, the words fade away…


Once upon a time, in what felt like the frostiest December of all, a tree stood there.

All barren.

Autumn had long gone.

All its leaves were already fallen on the ground.

Except one.


The worn and torn leaf had weathered the fall, and then snow, and then, the piercing, windy cold of that glacial winter.

And yet, for some mysterious reason known only to that leaf, it was still trying to survive… hanging lonesome on that leafless tree.

However, when the final moment arrived, the leaf accepted it, and started parting from its branch quietly.

But it knew.

Something was undone.

As the leaf was slowly gliding towards the earth below, only to be crushed by the elements and to be disappeared forever, the last thing it heard, were these mystic words lingering in the air –

“Your soul.. is rooting for you…!”

Story & Photography Copyrights ©2018 by Gyaneshwari Dave


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