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Antics of a Chubby Bird + February 2018 Desktop/Mobile Calendars Wallpapers!

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And the “Ball” is in patio again!

That’s my expression every time I spot this Carolina Wren at my bird-feeder in the patio.

Why “Ball”?

Well, almost all birds who are regular visitors to my bird-feeder have names. And so does he.

He is chubby and round, like a ball made of feathers, and besides, when he flies vertically…up and down, it looks  just like the way a ball bounces! :)

This curious and innocent looking Ball is quite shy though…it comes to the patio almost always when no other birds are around and then has loads of fun! And I, can’t get enough of staring at his antics… :)

This month’s free wallpapers are graphic ones and dedicated to this cute little round Ball of mine.



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