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Dear Subscribers, Followers, and Visitors – I have some BIG NEWS to share with you today!

After more than half a decade of creating “Lensdepictions”… I am renaming my creative brand & website as “Pineconedream”!

With this refreshed, refined & updated brand identity, you will start seeing the new look everywhere – starting obviously from the logo, to the colors, fonts, in the offerings, on the social media, and everywhere else where Lensdepictions has a public presence. This transition has not been a small one though, and it might take some time to take over fully.


Lensdepictions was founded as a creative startup focused solely on photography, i.e depictions created through the lens! Obviously, the logo & the brand name I had coined at that point in time, served my brand perfectly well.

However, within a couple of years, I had started to create another kind of depictions too – vector illustrations & graphic designs. Although they were not depictions created with lens, depictions they were.

Now, all these years I have been fondly writing articles/poems on this blog. But last year, my this creative passion (of writing) came into the public eye in a big way when my debut book of poetry got published in the United States. Well, words also are a medium to “depict”, but again it was by no means the process of “lens” depiction.

So you see, since the last few years, my brand name Lensdepictions & its logo have been misleading or even confusing my acquaintances & the visitors of my website alike about the creative works that I do.

It was high time to match my brand name and logo with what all works I essentially do. Thus, in order to encapsulate my creative brand in a well-rounded fashion, I decided to change its name altogether.

With this redefinition in my mind, I have been working on the same for quite some time now and have chosen a PINECONE to represent my works. The choice was easy. If you know me personally, or through my work – you know, that I am spellbound by nature and mad for mountains. And almost all of my creative work so far is inspired by – Nature. Read more about my idea behind this brand name here!

I hope Pineconedream will receive as much of your love and support (or more!) as you have shown for Lensdepictions in all your big or small, but extremely special ways till now!





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