Iris inspired color palette, pastel scheme

7 Gorgeous & Easy on Eyes Color Palettes Inspired by Spring Petals for Your Pastel Designs!

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Have you ever wondered why your eyes never get tired of looking at nature?

The plants, the trees, the ocean, the mountains, the flowers, the landscapes? Nothing relaxes your mind more! Right?

So, what is the secret? Why do you enjoy beholding nature so much?

The answer is,

Every single thing in nature is in color balance. All. The. Time!

I mean, have you ever seen a flower with petals and stigma hues that “didn’t go well with each other”? Or, have you ever seen a fish or a butterfly with two different colors on their bodies that “didn’t match”? Or, have you ever noticed an evening sky over the beach with a set of colors that “didn’t look good together”?

Surely, you never did! Even these questions, sound laughable! :D

For this post, I have handpicked 7 flower photographs from my Nature Photography Gallery and created these soft and pleasing color palettes by observing their petals.

Morning in the meadow

These hairy buds and their delicate colors are so comforting and  quintessentially spring!

Following is this plant’s own version of a delicate complimentary color palette.


Without us knowing it, through our eyes, our mind perceives millions of different hues, shades and tints every single day. These colors and their combinations set our moods according to their distinct characteristics. And colors in nature, they are always in this beautiful harmony…That, is the secret behind why our eyes love looking at nature so much! :)

Hydrangea fresh

The subtle way in which Hydrangea flowers hide so many different summer fresh hues in them made me curious to extract this analogous color palette from those soft petal balls.


We as creatives often find it hard to select color combinations or color palettes for our designs. But thankfully, nature knows the secret of creating a pleasant color palette every single time.

One can explain this secret with rational explanations such as sciences of botany, zoology, environment etc, or see it as a spiritual phenomenon. I personally like to look at it in both ways. To me, both seem worth contemplating over.

However, even when explained, the perfect color combinations found in nature remains a wonder. :)

Sunny Iris

I had spotted this gorgeous Iris in total wilderness. And the first thing that caught my attention was the super gorgeous color combination (a perfect split complimentary color palette) it was flaunting! :)


The point here is, we have this never-ending (and absolutely original) source for color inspiration at our disposal. All we need to do is pay attention! :)

Orchid Delicateness

The tiny yellow-orange detail in the center of these Orchids inspired me to create this split complimentary color palette.



Juicy hues of orchid

At a botanical garden, among the group of pink/white Orchids, this one stood out immediately. And why not? Look at those radiant colors making a perfect analogous color palette there! :)


Purple burst

Playing with my Macro lens, I spied into the wonderful world of this flower’s center. Isn’t this gentle analogous color palette uniquely fresh to look at?


I have given each palette a name according to how I viewed them. What you see could be totally different, let me know your views by commenting in the end! :)

Sweet fragrance of spring

Coming back to my very first question at the beginning of the post – why do we never get tired of looking at nature?

Ah, that color balance… :)

following complimentary color palette coming out of this exotic looking flora is just another example of nature’s perfection! :)


Well, this was it for this post. But you will surely keep seeing more nature-inspired color palettes on this blog!

Meanwhile, if you can’t get enough of the color inspiration from nature, why don’t you follow my curation of nature color palettes on this stunning Pinterest board?

Also, to download Free Nature Stock Photos, check out my Nature Photography Gallery.

Photography & Article ©2018 Gyaneshwari Dave


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