Aug 2018 free wallpaper, Pine needles, pinecones, blue bird steller's jay illustrated desktop calendar wallpaper.

August 2018 Free Wallpapers/Calendars & Printable Planner, illustrated – Sierra Forest!

Have you ever encountered this striking blue bird called Steller’s Jay?

Set these wallpapers on your devices and see your screens come alive with the joyful energy of a Steller’s Jay roaming in the wilderness of a Sierra forest! :)

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Behind the design:

It is always so much fun to tell you these little stories and subtle inspirations behind my designs! This design is obviously inspired by the bird found in Sierra Nevada mountains, named – Steller’s Jay, also known as Pine Jay!

In case you are not familiar with the bird…

Source: Pixabay

As one would expect, they are related to the Blue Jay birds. But why are they called “Steller’s Jay”?

Hmmm, quick research and I found out that the bird is named after the German naturalist Georg Wilhelm Steller, the first European to record them in 1741.

While hiking the high Sierra trails this summer, I had noticed this bird everywhere. Always perched on the high canopies of tall pines and sometimes walking, while making these funny little jumps, on the forest floor.

At least on three different occasions, I had tried to photograph it (by switching from my wide angle lens to a telephoto one as swiftly as I can), but could not get a sharp shot… :(

So I decided to let the beautiful bird inspire one of my illustrated designs instead!

Bringing together the beautiful pine needles, my beloved pinecones, and the Steller’s Jay, I then illustrated this seamless surface pattern design.

Try these wallpapers on your screens and let me know your thoughts on this design! Wishing you an awesome August 2018!!! :)

Illustration & Design ©2018 Gyaneshwari Dave

All files are Copyright ©2018 Pineconedream & for PERSONAL USE ONLY.

You cannot modify, distribute or sell these calendars/wallpapers in any form!

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