Compliments & Media Mention from Nigerian Home Décor Brand – Sunflower by Bukola

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The most worth-while and joyous moment of being an artist comes when your art can inspire someone, or even better, make them simply, genuinely, happy.

I had started my surface design work for the new year with one tiny thought in mind – to cherish creative, thinking women, and to celebrate the beauty of femininity. I called this newest collection of mine – “The Happy Place”.


My Jan 2019 freebies that I designed with one of the patterns were loved by hundreds of lovely ladies on Pinterest, but the most endearing expression of praise & love came from the stylish Nigerian home decor/ interior design brand – Sunflower by Bukola! :)


I thank Sunflower by Bukola for sharing my design with their community and letting me know that my message through the design had reached across so beautifully! :)

© 2019 Gyaneshwari Dave

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