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9 Brilliant & Beautiful Nature-inspired Commercials Hitting the Right Spot in the Heart!

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You are watching your favorite TV show. Now, just when something most anticipated is about to occur, an ad break arrives. Against your will, a commercial (which probably you are not watching for the first time) will now own your TV screen for the next few minutes.

However, instead of quickly grabbing the remote to change the channel or getting up from that couch, you choose to watch the ad. With intrigue and pleasure.

That TV commercial brings a peaceful smile on your face. A smile that is coming from some unadulterated, and, almost forgotten corner of your heart. This feeling is something else. It has an inexplicable nostalgia, the comfort, and coziness that you have left behind years ago when you were a child.

For once, you don’t care for that escapist show that has been forcefully paused for a couple of minutes. Because, well, you love the world inside the commercial even more. How many times it has happened? Most probably the answer would be – not often.

The uniquely innocent and calming feeling I described above is exactly what we human beings experience when we are amidst nature’s selfless, endless beauty. But surprisingly enough, only once in a while, we see TV commercials that rely entirely on that feeling.

I have enjoyed this bunch of ads that attempt it and deliver! The industry types of these products are quite diverse. Some of these videos are brilliantly creative in their message, some are stunningly imaginative, some are oh so adorable, but they all have one thing in common. They all, very successfully tap on the potential of the universe’s rarest (I mean, which other planets do you know that has birds, butterflies, flowers, rivers, trees?) and yet, the most neglected gift that we have on this planet. Nature.

The list is not a ranking of any kind. It is not possible to choose a favorite anyways. If you haven’t watched any of these videos yet, please do. I am sure something will speak to your heart in each of them. Enjoy! :)

OneSherwin-Williams – Paint Colors

The commercial’s message is to bring colors to life. What better way to see colors coming to life than to see them in nature? Sherwin Williams uses their vibrant paint color chips (complete with color codes on them) to construct the members of the gorgeous natural world like birds, flowers, flamingos, fox, etc. The peppy music superbly compliments the uplifting effect of the cute animations.

Loved it? Here is one more in this series!


TwoNature Valley – Snacks & Granola Bars

“Do you know how the sun feels like on your face?” she asks a virtual assistant device. If only the young generation of present times can appreciate – just like this little girl in the ad – that technology can not answer all the questions, that we have to be out there in the wilderness in that pursuit, and nothing can replace the joy of discovering nature! :)

ThreeVan Cleef & Arpels – Watches & Jewelry

Now personally, I am not a Jewelry/Diamonds person at all, but I cannot stop looking at Van Cleef & Arpels commercials – be it videos or print ones. They have their ingenious way of creating this whimsical world where delicate flora & fauna interact with and get transformed into gorgeous pieces of jewelry. Whether you can afford their Van Cleef Arpels or not, watching their ads is a sheer delight of its own!

FourThe Body Shop – Cosmetics

The Body Shop substituted the word “Jingle” for “Jungle” and turned that particular year’s Christmas special campaign to the one also for saving rainforests! Birds, animals, and insects in this rainforest sing “Jungle Bells”. The tiny spider applauding their performance is such a cute detail. A beautiful example of how popular brands can bring environment and wildlife issues to the notice of their consumers!

FiveJeep Compass – SUV

Inspirado Na Natureza – Inspired by Nature commercial by Jeep Brazil is a brilliant way to look at the fact that man will always have something or another to learn from the supreme intelligence present everywhere in nature, especially birds & animals. I just love the way the film subtly conveys that the technology of this Jeep model is inspired by night vision ability of owls and the almost 360-degree peripheral vision of chameleons!

SixNissan Leaf – Car

A polar bear who lives in some cold, remote region of Arctic decides to head to a sprawling metropolis. After walking for probably thousands of miles he reaches his destination when he enters a suburban neighborhood. The polar bear has made this long journey just to give a warm hug to a person very special to him. Who? :)

A little bit of innovation can make us find ways to exist on this planet without endangering nature’s other creatures and a little bit of imagination can convey the same in the sweetest manner. This Nissan commercial proves it effortlessly!

SevenGucci Bloom – Perfume

This extremely feminine and elegant commercial for Gucci Bloom fragrance stars Dakota Johnson, Hari Nef, and Petra Collins. In the world where high-end brands desperately lure customers by show of material luxury, it is so, so refreshing to see Gucci using the rustic appeal of nature.

The three ladies seem to be celebrating their friendship doing earthy activities filled with pure joy. They leisurely walk among thousands of flowers in a country garden and swim in a pond, again, filled with blooms, as gentle rain drizzles over them! As the commercial reaches the culmination you can’t help but actually sense a moist floral scent just by looking at the visuals! :)

EightDisneyland Paris – Theme Park

For someone like me who has grown up watching and reading stories of Donald Duck, this advert is a real treat to watch!

Donald Duck and for that matter, Daisy Duck, Uncle Scrooge, Huey, Dewey, and Louie were all inspired of course, from real ducks found in nature. But then the imagining a real baby duck getting inspired from the Donald duck and aspiring to meet him…well, what a simple thought, and yet what a genius of creativity! Too cute, don’t miss it! :)

NineNature Rx

You might have watched several prescription drug commercials on TV. Yes, the ones with feel-good visuals of individuals going about their lives while talking about the drug being advertised, where, in the end, they also give us a loooog list of side effects as a caution. Well, I selected this ad because I have been a regular consumer of what this commercial is selling. And while my intention was not to promote any products featured on this post, this one I won’t be able to resist. I would like to recommend this all natural drug to you in case you are not familiar with it! :)

I hope you feasted your eyes on these commercials and got a healthy dose of positivity, joy, and inspiration. Let me know your favorite among them. I would also love if you share any other of your favorite advertisements as a nature lover – in the comments section below!

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