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May 2019 Free Desktop/Mobile Calendar Wallpapers & Printable Planner, Illustrated – Hummingbird In Lilies

The lily plants behind my home have now got this glorious shade of spring green. And I am patiently waiting for those golden beauties (see the photo at the bottom) to bloom again as they always start to do, in May!

For this month’s freebies, I have re-imagined the colors of an illustrated surface pattern print of mine, inspired by Lilies and hummingbirds.

   A smile and a tear,
In the spring of the year,
A smile for the summer that’s coming;
With bird trills and flowers,
And long, sunny hours,
And music of wings softly humming…

-William Zachary Gladwin

Check out my May 2019 illustrated calendar wallpapers for your desktop, smartphone, and the printable monthly planner. Download links are below the banner!



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Have a wonderful May 2019 ahead, be happy and don’t forget to stop and smell some Lilies! :)

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