29 Prettiest & Free Fonts to Add a Touch of Nature in Your Typography

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An eye-catching graphic design emerges when the beauty of a written word’s meaning is aided by the aesthetics of creative typography. For a graphic designer, a nature-oriented design can be fulfilling a variety of purposes and therefore calls for just the right kind of fonts or typefaces. But hey, you don’t necessarily need to pay for those pretty fonts for your work to stand out!

Browsing sites for beautiful fonts is one of my favorite things to do when I am looking for some eye-candy. It just uplifts my spirits. As a result, I have managed to compile a whole bunch of these awesome, FREE fonts (for personal and/or commercial use) that you can try in your nature-inspired text or graphic design. Check them out!

1.Flowers Font

Flower fonts free

Use it as drop cap letters or write a whole word, this font is bound to make your design classy, and oh so vintage – with curls and twirls of those delicate floral vines!

Download this floral decorative font

2.Way Gardens Font


I love Way Gardens font for the extremely simple yet likable design of the flower stretching out in every direction.

Download this cute floral font

3.Summer’s Country Coffee Pots Font


The font is filled with country charm. Perfect for banners!

Download this country-inspired font

4. Alpha Trees Font

Alpha trees fonts free

Need some cute and kidlike fonts in shape of trees? Maybe this font is just right for you.

Download this big trees-inspired font

5.Garden Party Sans Font

Garden Party Sans fonts

Elegant designs ask for minimalism in typography with a subtle touch of decoration. These easy on eyes sans fonts is what you might need.

Download this floral font

6.Wood Sticks Font

Wood sticks fonts

Download this nature inspired font

7.Nature Font

Nature fonts

A rather intense and subtle take on nature-inspired typography.

Download Nature Font

8.Little Daisy Font

Little daisy fonts

Why not go all out with your love for sweet flowers?

Download this pretty floral font

9.Hummingbird Font

Hummingbird fonts

If your design relates to birds, these fonts would look lovely as drop caps in texts!

Download Hummingbird Font

10.Wild growth Font

Wild growth fonts

Love the organic feel of the roots and branches, also, don’t miss how the first letter of every word gets bold in the fonts.

Download this nature-inspired font

11. Flower Sketches Font

Flower Sketches fonts

Download this cute floral font

12. Vtks Friendly Font

Vtks friendly fonts

If you need sharp, clean-looking fonts with a gentle hint of nature.

Download this elegant nature font

13. Hojas De Plata Font

Hojas De Plata fonts

If your design is all about fresh growth in nature, tender leaves or spring, this may be perfect for you!

Download this leaves inspired font

14. Grass Font

Grass fonts

I love the fact that this font is so bold and types in all caps. Makes it perfect for beautiful banners/headings in nature-related designs.

Download this nature-inspired font

15. Kingthings Sheepishly Font


When you are designing something aimed at little kids, cute sheep letters could be an excellent idea!

Download this fun cute sheep font

16. AM Intex Font

AM intex fonts vintage floral

This font looks like a nice choice for nature-inspired drop caps with an old book feel!

Download this elegant decorative font

17. Pot Land Font

Pot land fonts

Download this nature font

18. Scrap flower Font


Reminding you of those tiny little wildflowers growing randomly in meadows, this font is really versatile in my opinion.

Download this wildflowers-inspired font

19.Sketch Logs Font

Sketch Logs fonts

Download this trees- inspired font

20. MC Blossoms Font

MC Blossoms fonts

With MC Blossoms, only the uppercase and a select few first letters of a word adorn this elegant blossoming flower and leaves form. Subtle, feminine, fun!

Download this sweet floral font

21.Nebulo Font


Romantic little flowers, curved letters, and right weight!

Download this cute floral font

22.CF Plants & Flowers Font

CF plants and flowers fonts

It’s all about the beauty of wild growth in nature!

Download this nature-inspired font

23.CF One Two Trees Font

CF one two trees

Download this trees font

24.Canadian Autumn Font

Canadian autumn fonts

Isn’t this font awesome for fall designs?

Download this fall/autumn font

25.Petal Glyph Font

PetalGlyphNot flowers, not leaves, this font takes inspiration from petals! Lovely.

Download this elegant floral font

26.KG Flower Font

KG Flower fonts

Download this cute flowers font

27.KR First Bloom Font

KR First Bloom fonts

Each bold uppercase letter in this font looks cute as a button!

Download this spring blooms font

28. JF Jungle Rock Font

JF Jungle Rock nature inspired fonts

Reminding you of a dense amazon forest, each letter in this font is adorned by tiny details in nature – spiders, webs, ladybirds, leaves, vines, butterfly…Loved it!

Download this forest inspired font

29. Austie Bost Kitten Klub Font

Austie Bost Kitten Klub fonts

This font uses the kitten footprints in a sweet way for your graphics for kids.

Download this cute kids font

I am hoping this collection of free nature-inspired fonts would prove useful and handy for you!

Let me know which one was your favorite nature font from the list and also share any other free nature font that you know of! – In the comments section below.



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