Picture Quote to Go with a Special Pinecone Bead – For Pine’s Eye Designs, Wisconsin

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This story is about one of the purest and most beautiful pinecone connections I have experienced, one of those, that get crafted by the subtle, mystic ways of the universe.

Last summer while in California, on a sunny June day, I had made a stop at the Pohono Bridge on the Big Oak Flat Road to see the glorious Merced river flowing in Yosemite valley, from above. That view is absolutely picturesque.

However, something told me to walk a little ahead, where some really tall pines stood. I went there and pointed my lens towards the same view, framed perfectly by two handsome pines on both sides.

The same view was no more just picturesque. As I looked through that stately window of pines, it felt like glimpsing into a slice of paradise. It took my breath away. I smiled and murmured the famous words of my favorite naturalist, the prophetic, John Muir.

Between every two pine trees there is a door leading to a new way of life.

-John Muir

Sure enough, I used that photograph to create a picture quote for my special blog-post about pine tree quotes & sayings.

John Muir Pines Quote Photo Copyright ©2019 Gyaneshwari Dave

But apparently, my that capture was destined to serve a more noble purpose. It was to be a part of probably the most important prayer of a girl’s life!

Recently, I was approached by the artist & jewelry designer Kim, of Pine’s Eye Designs, requesting the very same picture-quote. I was intrigued. It turned out that she wanted it in print to accompany a special pinecone bead that she had created.

Kim along with her husband Rob designs and crafts alluring wearable pinecone art jewelry and accessories.

Necklace, Photo Courtesy Pine’s Eye Designs
Earrings, Photo Courtesy Pine’s Eye Designs
Ring, Photo Courtesy Pine’s Eye Designs

But this bead was something special. It was to be gifted as a bead for a “Mother’s Blessing” ceremony necklace, to a mother to be. Her beloved niece, who is a very earthy girl and a beautiful person inside and out, I am told.

Kim very sweetly shared with me the story behind the ceremony along with the invitation and the cherished little pinecone bead she made for her niece.


I often get fascinated by Native American wisdom when I hear about their traditions and their old sayings. Ancient Native American people were so much close to nature. Their wisdom was therefore simple, yet potent.

In the “Mother’s Blessing” tradition, each guest attending the baby shower brings a bead along with a prayer, scripture or some words of wisdom. The expectant mother eventually wears a necklace made with those beads. This necklace is believed to help the woman to prepare herself emotionally and spiritually for the childbirth.


Now, I cannot imagine any bead more exquisite and precious than a pinecone! Pinecones symbolize renewal & birth. In almost all cultures, they are believed to have spiritual powers of nature. They hold so much raw energy of the earth in them. Now, if you already know this website and me, you know how much special they are to me. If not, I have shared a poem from my book.

Kim no wonder came up with this elegant, shiny bead to gift to her niece. I simply loved the fact that she chose John Muir’s above quote to accompany the bead. I personally believe nature is the ultimate manifestation of what we call God. And John Muir was an enlightened being who felt and expressed that through his works all life long.

I feel elated and privileged to be a small part of this sublime ceremony, and while doing so, also to have for the company all that is very dear to me – Nature, Pinecones & Words of John Muir!

I wish my heartiest best to the mother to be and Pine’s Eye Designs, for their creative journey with the magic of Pinecones! :)

Here is an Instagram snapshot of the elegant combination that came together, filled with the unfailing charm of nature along with some sweet words for me, from the Pine’s Eye Designs.


©2019 Gyaneshwari Dave

Photo Credits:
Feature image by Mel Elías on Unsplash
Pinecone in hands image by Debbie Pan on Pexels

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      • Abbas Hitawala

        I am still reading this after almost 3 years and very much surprised, with the quality of imagination, your story of being part of other’s life stories and the native tradition…

  1. forresting365

    What a lovely story, picture and quote!!! That’s such a beautiful ceremony!!! Congratulations and hugest hugs to You for this sweetness! Thank You for sharing! Cheers!!! :)

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