Feature by PhotoShelter New York in a Special Mother’s Day 2020 Blogpost

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PhotoShelter Inc, one of the leading digital asset management service providers for professional photographers, is in the business of empowering visual story-telling all over the world.

When they decided to publish a special Mother’s Day post on their blog this year, the 2020 (a very emotional year for the whole humanity) they called for entries of mothers portraits from their international community of around 80K talented photographers!

And, My Grandmother In Prayer – The hand portrait of my grandma created by me was selected to be featured among the select few! :)

I thank them for the honor and also congratulate them for thinking of this touching and beautiful concept in these tough times. We all need a little warmth these days! :)


Check out the article here for all the incredible Mothers Photographs by some of the most gifted photographers in the world and the personal stories behind them!

© 2020 Gyaneshwari Dave

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