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For the Elephant Killed in Kerala, India – A Poem & an Illustration

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July 2022 Update:

I thank Nikita Dhawan, founder of the non-profit Youth For Animals – A Youth Ambassador for Born Free Foundation, a member of IUCN’s Commission on Education and Communication (CEC) and a Youth Ambassador for Earthday.org,
-For sharing this poem (2020 version) with thousands of passionate and hardworking activists working against animal cruelty and for the welfare of elephants in captivity.
Nikita started a campaign to free Shankar, an African elephant from Zimbabwe who lives solitarily in the Delhi zoo. Sign the petition for Shankar here!

Some crimes against the natural world committed by humans, especially towards animals, are so heinous it’s better not to even utter what happened and how.

One such incident happened in late May this year, in Kerala, India. The incident speaks volumes of the level of sadism possible in a human heart – It left me in shock. It broke my heart, it made me cry.

I wonder whether we will ever be forgiven by nature for not letting innocent, voice-less but spectacularly wonderful wild lives simply – live – peacefully?

Today is the world environment day, but honestly, I don’t think we have the luxury anymore to “celebrate” such days once in a year. It’s high time we remember the value, respect, and take care of our environment and the beautiful creatures we share it with, every single day of the year.

Here is what I would like to say to every single elephant left on this planet.

Elephant conservation poem


© 2020 Gyaneshwari Dave

Kindly contact for using this art and/or poem for elephant causes!


2 Responses

  1. Abbas Hitawala

    Heartbreaking and sad. Hope nature heals!

    • Gyaneshwari Dave


      If given a chance, nature can heal itself fast, and how! We all have seen that in last few months.

      Let’s keep her nurtured, because we are her part too.

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