Sep 2020 desktop calendar wallpaper

September 2020 Free Desktop/Mobile Calendar Wallpapers & Printable Planner, Illustrated – Summer’s Last Blooms!

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Living in one of the fortunate parts of northern hemisphere that see four distinct seasons has one important advantage. Oaks, maples & birches seen from my window keep telling me the month of the year as unmistakably as the hands on the clock the hour of the day. Which also goes on to guarantee that the time hasn’t come to a standstill! And one does need this assurance these days, more than ever.

Nature knows her work and is constantly performing, without fail, without delay. Changing seasons tell us again and again, that only nature is enduring, everything else, an illusion. And even amidst all the uncertainty in this world, one thing is certain. On a decided day in October, those trees in front of my window will start to take on lustrous shades of red, purple, and orange. However, before that happens, summer is in a mood to toss some last blooms in the air before going away.

Late September holds onto the summer like

that promise you made you can never forget.

– Kurt Philip Behm

That’s the beauty of September. One can paint it as a departing summer, or an approaching fall, seen from a distance. For designing my monthly freebies this September I chose the former. The pattern I used here is from my collection called – Summer Melody.

Check out my September 2020 calendar wallpapers for your desktop, smartphone & printable monthly planner.


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