October 2020 desktop calendar wallpaper

October 2020 Free Desktop/Mobile Calendar Wallpapers & Printable Planner, Illustrated – The Mushroom Field

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Bringing your vision at a mushroom’s level is a surreal way to retreat. As soon as you virtually enter that tiny space, the noise of life is blocked out and you hear its true, undeniable music, coming from some long-forgotten, faraway place of your existence….Read the story behind the art

Check out my October 2020 calendar wallpapers for your desktop, smartphone & printable monthly planner designed with my surface pattern.

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Art ©2019 Gyaneshwari Dave

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2 Responses

  1. Jessye

    Definitely a fan of October mushrooms! Love the idea and of course the art! Thank you so much!!! I look forward to these every month.

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