December 2020 Background

An English Folklore + December 2020 Free Illustrated Wallpapers – Winter Berries & Robins


I typed above words in quite a few places while designing this month’s edition of my monthly free calendar wallpapers. It made me happy. Although in a subtle, cautious way, but I let it do that to me. I would rather be optimistic about things changing for better, when for months, the collective consciousness of the whole humanity has been resonating with that one thought only – Let 2020 be over!

Soon after this year started, mankind experienced this profound mystery. We toppled off a cliff, all of a sudden. Frightened & clueless. It felt like falling towards a bottomless pit.

While free falling for many months now, we got to know our limitations and discovered our hidden strengths. We were faced with troubling existential questions but we grasped liked never before, the value & magic of life, and the simple things in it that we used to take for granted. We learned, we became wiser, and hopefully, when this free fall ends, even if we have hit the ground, we will stand firmly on our feet. Because as Zen teacher Bonnie Myotai Treace says –

Contained in the fall is exactly what we need to stand.

On that delicate yet powerful note, let’s wrap this year with something benevolent and cheerful to look at, this December, dear reader.

For inspiration to illustrate the surface pattern for this month’s wallpapers, I looked at the nature on the other side of the Atlantic. Winter Robins of the UK! These cute & kind looking birds are long associated with winter & Christmas there. According to a folklore, a robin pulled a thorn from the crown of Christ whilst he was on the cross and that it was Christ’s blood that created the bird’s red breast. Although technically it’s orange, but the tale is ancient, and probably the people in those times called the color red.

I hope you will enjoy the design…Wish you a Merry Christmas! :)

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December 2020 Backgrounds


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4 Responses

  1. Anisa Prella

    I always use your calendar on my phone and computer. And I’m waiting for 2021 calendar. But I cannot find it. Your pattern is so beautiful

  2. Jessye Vitier

    Oh M GEE! Can November be over so I can put this up! hehe
    I absolutely love love this print! Thank you so much for always doing these! I always look forward to these!

    • Gyaneshwari Dave

      Awwww…That’s so sweet of you Jessye! I am so glad you liked it this much! In advance, have a great December and a Merry Christmas to you! XO

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