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January 2021 Free Desktop/Mobile Calendar Wallpapers & Printable Planner, Illustrated – Winter Hues

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Having spent a whole year as a long winter (staying indoors), now when the winter actually is here, I am accepting this so-called gloomy season more than ever before. An unexpected sighting has made me realize that winters are not supposed to be lived through, they are to be looked at, better yet, to be looked through.

All through this year, during my short walks around the home, I have listened to a small creek flowing through a ravine behind my community. The creek I never actually got a sight of. There is no safe passage to climb down to it. And thick, unapproachable trees on both the edges of slopes guard the creek like a best-kept secret. The gentle murmuring of flowing water (sometimes also mixed with bird calls flying over the creek) has kept teasing me, leaving me to nothing but guesswork about how big the creek would be or how delightful the world on the other side of those trees would look.

Until last weekend. Then, I saw the creek!

The trees that blocked the creek have shaded their leaves altogether. They are completely bare. The view is clear, and yes, beautiful enough to be worth all the intrigue and frustration. What my favorite seasons could not do, winter did. It shows me the world that felt like it was meant to be hidden forever.

I am starting my this year’s artistic endeavors with some colors unique to winter, in a new illustration style which I am enjoying these days a lot. Watercolors & Ink! I am hoping you will love this fresh approach to surface prints. Wish you a joyful new year! :)

Check out my January 2021 calendar wallpapers for your desktop, smartphone & printable planner

designed with my watercolor surface pattern – Winter Hues!

Jan 2021 Desktop Calendar Wallpaper

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  1. Michelle Buck

    You’re designs are beautiful and I look forward to them every month! Thank you for sharing your talent. 🧡Happy New Year!!

  2. Anisa Prella

    Finally it’s come!! Thank you so mich for your beautiful work. I love it! 💜

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