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Why Remembering Winter Is Important + March 2021 Free Calendar Wallpapers Illustrated – Vernal Field

I just learned a new word – Vernalization. Vernal comes from Latin vernalis, from vernus – ‘of the spring’, from ver – ‘spring’.

For someone like me who lets the short month of February pass as a bridge one quickly walks across, just in order to reach the sights and sounds of March on the other side – discovering this splendid term in botany provided quite a beautiful insight.

Most of us look forward to enjoying the exhilaration of looking at plants, trees, and flowers blooming with gorgeousness in spring and wonder why we have to wait for long months of cold to be able to do that. Well, there are many plants & flowers that would simply not thrive, blossom, or look their best when spring comes if they haven’t passed through the severity of winter.

Vernalization – according to Oxford’s definition, is the cooling of seed during germination in order to accelerate flowering when it is planted. It is the cold period where specific plants go dormant and must be exposed to a certain number of days with minimum temperatures or they will simply fail to flower! Nature. She has a fine, right, meticulous use of every little thing that belongs to her. Every fraction of a moment, every tiny snowflake.

Don’t we find spring to be such a blessed joy precisely because we remember the winter? I have seen wildflowers fields in spring – Vernal Fields. They for sure look like they remember! :)

Check out my March 2021 calendar wallpapers for your desktop, smartphone & printable planner designed with my surface pattern – Vernal Field!


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6 Responses

  1. Amber Chen

    I just subscribe by email! Thanks for your design, it makes my day!

  2. Jessye Vitier

    I truly am loving this pattern! Still have a while for Spring to get here but at least I see it before I start work every day till then- hehe! Thanks for this monthly gift to us!

    • Gyaneshwari Dave

      Great to hear that Jessye!

      Yes, that’s how it is with me every year, March, and I start behaving like it’s already spring, can never wait for it!!! :P

      You are most welcome, have an awesome month ahead! :)

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