September 2021 desktop calendar wallpaper

September 2021 Desktop/Mobile Calendar Wallpapers & Printable Planner, Illustrated – Birch In September

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At the peaks of hurricane seasons, on dark and stormy nights, I kept looking at its staggering silhouette, lying in bed. What I used to see through that window made me nervous. The Birch swayed so vehemently, it felt like it would fall down in an instant. With bated breath, I kept gazing at its struggle with the tropical wind…Read the story behind the art.

Check out my September 2021 calendar wallpapers for your desktop, smartphone & printable planner I designed with my surface pattern – Birch In September!

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Article & Art ©2021 Gyaneshwari Dave

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    Thank YOU Gyaneshwari🍁. Wishing You a Fabulous Month! Take care🍁.

  2. Jo

    “Birch in September” is really Amazing❤.But I couldn’t download.

    • Gyaneshwari Dave

      Thanks Jo! :)

      In your email, you will see the download links “Desktop | Smartphone | Planner” below the Freebies banner. Click on whatever you want to download, hope this helps!

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