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October 2021 Desktop/Mobile Calendar Wallpapers & Printable Planner, Illustrated – Autumn Knocks

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If you live in a city, then you might, but If you live in countryside, then you will surely hear these knocking/pecking/drumming sounds coming from woods not too far away from the homes.

Suddenly, the nights have become cooler, the days crispier and the air carries a special woodsy smell in it which I have never been able to describe in words. Soon, today’s omnipresent green in nature will start to disappear ever so placidly. Soon, the flares of oranges, yellows, and reds will start to go up, and then, will blow away with the wind. Soon, it’s fall again.

In nature, autumn marks a time with this strange combination of active transformations and a dull passivity, where everyone is in rush to gather and shelter. Staying on this course, woodpeckers are drumming away holes on trees to make their snug, warm haven for the winter. Generally these enchanting feathered creatures of red, black and white are high up on the trees, hidden under dense canopies. Fall is a time though, when branches with fewer leaves may give one a chance to actually see them hard at work as their drumming gives them away…

I hope you are not too busy and lost in the loud noise of life’s routines to miss these subtle notes in the grand symphony orchestra of everything else that is alive on this planet.

I had heard the woodpeckers’ knockings distinctly for the first time while walking the cathedral trail of the Redwoods. In the sublime silence of that magical place where time seems to have stood still, that pecking sound had felt so profound. I had thought that a branch from one of the giants standing there was cracking and would come down any moment…someone who knew better, had informed me then, that it was a woodpecker pecking high up on a Redwood somewhere ! That pecking still echoes in my heart.

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